Cameron Carey is a rising senior at James Madison University, scheduled to graduate in May 2012.  He will be graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree, double majoring in Media Arts & Design – with a concentration in Corporate Communication – and Health Communications as well.  Additionally, he’s seeking a creative writing minor.  Since coming to JMU in the fall of 2008, Cameron has been recognized every semester for his academic achievement on the university dean’s list.  He has also recently accepted membership in the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi at JMU, where invitations are extended to the top 7.5% of second term Juniors.

Work Experience:

-From December 2010 through October 2011 Cameron will be working as an Orientation Peer Advisor at James Madison University.  In this role he’s one of 28 students charged with representing JMU to the incoming class of 2015, and their families.  In order to successfully welcome, orient, and instill a passion for the Madison community in this incoming class, Cameron has a hand in selecting additional orientation staff, where he’s responsible for interviewing and determining the eligibility of the candidates; though technically volunteers, there is large interest in the position and 700 candidates must be whittled down to 250.

-Since the spring of 2008 Cameron has worked as an Activities Liaison at the Clubhouse of Leisure World of Virginia, a retirement community in Landsdowne, VA.  Here Cameron acts as his own supervisor, where his primary responsibility is serving the residents who live there.  In this role he’s gained invaluable customer service and communication experience, both in-person and on the phone, in addition to extensive experience working with the ActiveNet system.

Other Relevant Experience and Coursework:

-Cameron was one of four students selected to participate in the JMUteach pilot program, approved in the fall of 2010 by James Madison’s Academic Council, and based on similar programs at Carnegie Mellon and University of California, Berkeley.  In this position he develops a 1 credit course, where he is responsible for determining course content, evaluations, and ultimately facilitating the class for other undergraduate students at JMU.

-Media Arts and Design Coursework:

-Information and Communication Technologies

-Mass Communication Law

-Principles of Advertising

-Interactive Design for the Web

-Fundamental Skills in Media Arts and Design I & II

-Scriptwriting (radio & television news)

-Corporate Media Writing

Health Communication:

-Introduction to Health Communication

-Medical Terminology

-Diversity in Health Perceptions

-Presentational Speaking

Creative Writing

-Introduction to Fiction, short stories

-Scriptwriting (Radio & Television News)

Work Samples:

Here are a few writing samples.

Technical Skills:

-Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver

-Web Design skills (fairly proficient in hand coding)


-Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint

-Numerous social media tools; including blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, wikis


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